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Will there be wind when I am there?

Well although my connection to the Universe is very strong, even I can not predict that. Wind is a little like a woman here, beautiful but unpredictable. Sometimes strong, sometimes low, often there, but sometimes not.

What is the main season?

For wind: November until the end of May.

Strongest winds: Jan to March

For little wind: June to September

50/50 percent chance wind: October

What size Kite/Sail to bring?

Best thing is to go to windfinder and/or windguru before you leave and check the 10day forecast, that is what we use and my super natural powers.

Strongest wind and wave months?

Jan, Feb and March

Where should I kite?

Look at our Map & Wind page for a spot guide.

Where can I Wave Ride? (KITE & Wind)

Kite beach if you are just starting out with waves.

All other spots are dependent on an ocean swell: Punta Preta, Punta Lembje, Punta Sino and all along the west coast-though wind more off-shore here.

Can I get Spares for my Equipment?

No.Spares are prescious 

Is there a rescue service.

Most schools offer a rescue, but no school offers pre paid rescue service.

Rescues cost between 30 to 50euros per rescue, depending on how far out you are. There is NOOO rescue service after 5pm or national marine guard, so think carefully about kiting in the evening.

Are there any shallow water spots?

NO. We are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Do I need warm clothes? 

If you are coming between December and April I would bring some trousers and a hoodie for the evening. The wind makes it a little kul.

Should I reserve course/board/rentals beforehand?
We recommend that you reserve a course or rental prior to arriving to guarantee a spot with us, as well as material. For this we require a 50% deposit. We then send you a voucher to bring with you. 

Do you offer Storage: Yes but only for people doing lessons with us. We also offer windsurf storage for 50 euros a week (2 sails and 1 board).

How much do taxi’s cost:

5 euros each way to kite beach

3-4 euros each way to the beach in front of the riu hotel

30-40euros to west coast locations.

Car hire on average is 40euros for a day.

10euros (15min) from the airport-12euros at night. There are always taxis at the airport

Are there hotels at Kite Beach?

No, but Santa Maria is only 10min away by car.

Should I do Yoga.

Off course you should, your poor body takes beating all day on the water and yoga will help restore your body, as well as increase your strength, flexibility and energy. Try it you will be most surprised!

Is it Safe to leave things on the Beach?

Yes, but I cannot guarantee that. Be smart leave your valuables and bling back at the hotel.

Will it be Sunny when i arrive?

It will NOT snow, Probably NOT rain. There will be sun and sometimes there will be clouds.

What currency/credit card should we bring?
The best currency to bring with you is the euro (not US Dollars or Pounds). You can use euro on the island or exchange it for escudo’s at the airport or local bank. The rate is 1euro to 110escudos. Visa card and Mastercard are the only cards that are accepted with businesses. There is a 2.5% charge on visa and mastercard. Only the bank will accept American Express. The cost of changing traveller’s cheques is very expensive here. PLEASE NOTE, that a lot of businesses have recently stopped using credit card machines and sometimes the machines are empty, so it is always safe to bring cash. Welcome to island life!. 


Do I need any vaccinations: No, Cape verde is brilliant, there are no tropical diseases here. But I would bring mosqito repellent, as we do get these little pests at certain times in the year.


Extra Information

Please read our 'Dangers of Sal' page.

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