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All the equipment, safety & great happiness is included in the lessons.

Lesson times are flexible, as all lessons are private lessons. 


You will start on the beach with a beach kite

Then Learn to fly the larger inflatable kite

After you this, you will go in the water with the kite and instructor & learn to relaunch the kite from the water & allow us to drag you across the ocean with a large powerful kite. Soo much more fun than it sounds.  Body surfing with a large kite is like flying with a para-glider or transforming into a super hero.

Kite surfing is 90% flying a kite. Because u have gone in the water with the kite, you will know after this lesson if kiting is even a sport for you.

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Move on Lessons

So once you have done the introduction, or have kited before, here are the steps. Which step you start from depends on your level.

1. To make sure you can body drag on your own & relaunch the ktie from the water. 

2. Learn to body drag up wind and down wind with one hand. To enter and exit the water, safely. 

3. Start to learn how to body drag with the board.

4. Ride the board, fall on bottom, fall on face, fall side ways, spend some moments under water with the marine life, all the great happy fun things that come with learning.

5. Ride out and back, learn to turn without bottom in the water

6. Graduate to kite god/Goddess. 

Private lessons

Sal is not an easy place to learn how to kite, but if you can kite here, you can kite anywhere. After 20years we have discovered that the safest and best way to learn here is one on one lessons. 

It does not matter what your level is, because all our lessons are private lessons. So no matter what your level, we will adjust the lesson accordingly. As soon as you are riding up wind safely and looking like a kite god/goddess then you will be able to rent. 

And by rent, I mean you wont need us, that you will be able to take your equipment and go when ever you want, because we will have made sure that you are truely independent, before we release you to the ocean. 

Note we will provide semi private lessons, to couples and friends that are the same level

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Core kites range 6 to 17meters

Boards: Core and Crazy Fly.

To rent, you must be able to kite in deep wavey ocean conditions without a board leash safely.

If all your kiting was over a year ago or only in shallow, flat water, then we will ask you to take a refresher lesson to ensure the safety of you, others, birds and turtles.

When you rent, you can transfer with us to kite beach when we are doing lessons.

You are also welcome to leave an ID and take the material away with you, coming back only to change kite sizes, say hello, gives us a couple of Hi-fives or take us for a beer or vice versa.


Windsurf Lessons. 

We will teach you how to windsurf. So our goal is not to instruct, but to teach you. So you understand the why, and you know how to always come back to the beach. 

We will now offer one on one lessons for intermediate and advanced lesson. For complete beginner courses, we will teach semi privates, if both people are the same level. Not only will you learn, but you will laugh and have so much fun as well. 

Kite, Surf & Yoga Prices. 

Windsurf Lessons

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Our Summer Partner: Sick Dog

Have you even though of kitesurfing in Egypt? Our partners Sick Dog organise kite cruises in Egypt from April till November. If you fancy a summer kitesurfing trip, Egypt and a kite cruise could be the holiday for you, 1 week kiting safari in the best kite spots of the Red Sea, using a luxury motor yacht as a moving hotel, to sleep, eat, chill and party. Contact Sick Dog for more info at

For more information on avaliability  email me at or whats app +2385801121 

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