KITESURFING COURSES: Age 11 to it really depends on the person.

All the equipment, safety & great happiness is included in the lessons.

All Lessons begin at 9.12am and 13.34pm.

Kite Lessons are transferred from our school in Santa Maria to Kite Beach.

Introduction to kitesurfing. 3 hour semi private lesson.


You will start on the beach with a beach kite

Then Learn to fly the larger inflatable kite

After you this, you will go in the water with the kite and instructor &

learn to relaunch the kite from the water & allow us to drag you across the ocean with a large powerful kite. Soo much more fun than it sounds.  Body surfing with a large kite is like flying with a para-glider or transforming into a super hero.

Kite surfing is 90% flying a kite. Because u have gone in the water with the kite, you will know after this lesson if kiting is even a sport for you.


Semi-Private lessons: Max 2 people. Once each person can fly the kite safely with no potential to kill others, we use two kites/2 people/1 instructors.

7hr (3 lessons): Adrenaline Board Starter Course: with this you should be starting on a board, and going somewhere.

9hr (4 lessons): Kite Riding to Freedom Course:  You should be riding out and back, it may not look pretty, but it will feel good.

11hr (5 lessons) Freedom rider: Your riding should start to be consistent and much prettier.

13hrs (6 lessons) Independent ride like a kite god/goddess course: Riding out and back to the same place.

Not this is guideline. Some people are independent after less, some after more, but eventually everyone gets there.

Kite rentals Prices 2020-21


These are for people who have kited recently and can at least body drag in deep water and relaunch the kite.


As much as possible we try and match you with someone that is the same level as you.

Once each person in the group can fly the kite safely, each student then get his/her own kite.

Courses range from 1 lessons to as many as it takes to be independent. Once you are riding out and back to the same place without a board leash, safely, you can rent.


For those who want to advance faster or for those we cannot put in a group as the instructor must remain with them at all times for safety reasons.

For those wanting to advance in the following areas:

  • Jibes

  • Surf boards

  • Jump and Lands

  • Tricks

  • Wave riding

  • Down-winder from Kite Beach to The Bay of Santa Maria.


Core kites range 6 to 17meters

Boards: Core and Crazy Fly.

To rent, you must be able to kite in deep wavey ocean conditions without a board leash safely.

If all your kiting was over a year ago or only in shallow, flat water, then we will ask you to take a refresher lesson to ensure the safety of you, others, birds and turtles.

When you rent, you can transfer with us to kite beach when we are doing lessons.

You are also welcome to leave an ID and take the material away with you, coming back only to change kite sizes, say hello, gives us a couple of Hi-fives or take us for a beer or vice versa.

Kite lessons:  2020-21 Pre-book price

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