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Surf Zone: Bay of Santa Maria in Morabeza hotel Beach Club

Surf Zone is located in the beach club of the Morabeza Hotel beside the main pier, in the Bay of Santa Maria. The beach in front of this school is stunning. There are no rocks, no reefs, just miles of sand and blue ocean. We are walking distance from anywhere in Santa Maria.

​On offer at this Location:

  1. Kite lessons and rentals. Private and semi-private lessons. Taught at Kite beach or private lessons from a boat in the Bay of Santa Maria

  2. Windsurf and Surf lessons: Taught in front of the school

  3. Windsurf rentals: In front of the school. In the bay the water is more flat, outside the bay there is more wind and wavy conditions. You must be able to ride up wind in deep water. We offer a service to help you in and out of the water when there is a beach break. By you, we mean your equipment, however, I am sure if you ask nicely the guys may carry you in and out as well. 

  4. Surf rentals: location beside the pier-2min walk from school

  5. Stand Up Paddle rentals: In front of school

  6. Rescue boat: there is a cost per rescue

  7. Yoga: In our yoga studio 8 min walk from the school.

Conditions & Amenities in front of the School

  1. The Bay in front of the school is great for learning to windsurf

  2. The outside off the Bay is great for more intermediate and advanced windsurfers

  3. Wind is more side-off in the Bay

  4. Sandy beach, no rocks, no reefs, no human eating fish.

  5. We are part of a beach club which offers a restaurant, shower, bathrooms, bar and beach beds

  6. The beach here is a treat for your eyes and body. 

BELOW IS A VIDEO FROM A CLIENT OF OURS THAT SHOWS OUR LOCATION, THE BEACH IN FRONT OF US, THE PIER BESIDE US AND THE BAY. It only took one pizza and 2 beers, to get him to say all those nice things about us!

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