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Map & Wind

1.Bay of Santa Maria: At either end of the Bay-Good for Kiter’s, Wind Surfers. Wind side-off at the beginning of the Bay and side-on at the end of the bay. Waves spots at either end of the Bay. Surf Spot beside pier in the Bay.


3. Punta Lembje: Top end of Bay of Santa Maria. Can windsurf there from Surf Zone Santa Maria school. Takes approx 5min. When there are waves here it is great for windsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers.


4. Punta Sino: Bottom end of the Bay in Bay of Santa Maria. Can windsurf there from both schools. Usually a good wave for surfing or advanced windsurfers.


5. Punta Preta West coast: 500meters from Surf Zone Riu. Good for Kite surfers, Wind surfers and Surfers. Wind side off shore. Waves sizes ranging from small to very large ( up to 6m)


6. Kite Beach: On the east coast. 10-15min drive. Avg cost of taxi 12euro round trip. There is now a resturant there. Good for kiters and wind surfers. There is a reef, so it is wavey. Wind side-on shore.


7. Calheta Fundato Good wave spot if just starting to ride waves


8. Mount Leo: 25-30min drive from Santa Maria on the West Coast. Good for wind surfers and surfers. Offers range of waves. When waves are large, great for surfers


9 Ali Baba: Is north of Mount Leo. Good for windsurfers and surfers. When swell is working offers great right wave


Coral Djeul Is between Ali Baba and Palmera. The wave here gets very big (right wave). The wave here can get bigger than Punta Preta. However the wind tends to be more off shore.


Palmeira: 35min drive from Santa Maria. Good for surfers. There is normally a left wave near the port area. When this works it is a very nice clean wave.



From December to the end of May: The trade winds blow and the wind is at its strongest on the island. Avg is between 18 and 26knots

From June to November: The wind is a little lighter. It tends to be between 10 and 16knots.

Water temperature is warmest between May and October (like a warm bath tub).During the rest of the year a shortie wet suite is recommended.


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