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Surf Zone now offers Sunrise Yoga on the beach deck of our Surf Zone school and evening yoga in its new studio Yoga Cabo Verde. Although many of you believe Yoga is trying to stand like a tree and saying AUM, it is much more than that. It is a treat for your body, mind and soul. Our yoga will increase your strength, flexibility, focus and happiness. The classes will also teach you how to breathe properly, which in its self will prolong your life.


If you kite surf, wind surf or surf and find that the next day your body aches and the simple act of putting your shorts on hurts, then our Yoga will greatly help you with that. Yoga will improve your surfing, the process of putting on your clothes, and the length of time you can stay on the water.


If you are not a water maniac or are a water widow you will love our Yoga. You will leave our classes feeling refreshed, energetic and calm. You will also meet other interesting people.


As our classes are small, so you will actually learn yoga and our teachers will help adjust your postures to show you how the poses should look and feel. You will not have to walk through rain or snow to get to the studio. You will not have to drink red bull to get the energy that yoga will give you, and most importantly your body and mind will love you for paying it a little attention.

For more information and a complete time table of classes please go to www.yogacaboverde

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