Surf Zone's Kite and Wind Surf school in Sal, Cabo Verde has been in business for 19yrs. As a result,  the team are Old enough to be really experienced at what they do, and yet, still Young enough to make sure the experience is fun. This year our entire team, not just our core team, are from here and as such know the conditions here, are extremely experienced in all 3 sports (kite-wind-surf) and have a professionalism with humour, that makes you feel as if you are surfing with good friends that you trust, and they speak 5 different languages.  


Why Kite Surf and Wind Surf: Freedom & Pure Happiness

  1. No one can call you, text you, chat, nag, or email you! So you can have an enormous amount of guilt free fun.

  2. Being in the Ocean without having to wear a dry suite is fantastic, it is similar to being in the ocean naked!

  3. You will probably see turtles, flying fish and Jesus, whose statue stands in our ocean off Santa Maria Beach.

  4. The high you will get is fabulous and will not give you a hangover or lead to a divorce, this point alone makes surfing worth it!

 All the content on our site is original and was written by us, so if you see similar content or our exact words on other kite school web sites, please know they were taken without our permission. Cabo Verde is a little like the wild west, which means there is little we can do about it. 

Inside the Morabeza Hotel Beach Club: Bay of Santa Maria

  • Beside the main pier in Santa Maria on the Beach

  • Surf Zone School: 5-10 min walk from anywhere in Santa Maria

  • Melia offers Free bus transfers from Melia Hotels to front of the Morabeza Hotel

  • Surf Zone Beach Side Apartments are located 4min from the school 

  • For Great Kite/windsurf and Accommodation packages email us.

For lessons we only charge you for the lessons you have done. If

no wind or too much wind or snow,  we will refund you for the lessons that were not possible. Lessons and courses must be pre-paid in full prior to lessons. 

 We recommend pre-booking. Email us for a complete price list. 

Payment: Euros, Escudo or Gold bars or credit card (2.5% charge)

Surf Zone offers only Private and Semi-Private Lessons. 2 Kites, 2 sails, 2 surf boards- 1 instructor! Age 9yrs to 99yrs

  • Kite Lessons taught at kite beach or from a boat in the bay of Santa Maria

  • Rentals: Kite (Core & F-one), Windsurf, Surf & Stand Up Paddle

  • Wind Surf Lessons and Rentals in Bay of Santa Maria

  • Beginner to Advanced Lessons

  • 7 langauges 

  • Quality lessons in a really friendly environment


If you are a kite widow or widower, or a kite surfer, wind surfer, or surfer we now offer yoga. Learn, improve or expand your yoga while transforming your body into a  flexible piece art. If you want to surf longer, jump higher, ride faster, be stronger, more flexible our Yoga will do that for you. Warning: Yoga will also make you very happy and calm.

Kite Lessons from a Boat

Surf Zone is one of the only schools to now offer kite lessons from a boat in the Bay of Santa Maria. Flat water, no traffic, and no having to walk back up-wind. These lessons are great for body dragging and board starting. It allows you long runs on flat water and to have the instructor close by at all times. Why walk when you can fly! It is luxury kiting at its best!

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