Our new Location: mobile, virtual, happy. We come to you and then we leave you back at your hotel. Easy for us and easy for you and this also allows us to be very flexible with lesson times and it allows us to be more focuses on quality over quantity.

+238 9978804 (Rod: Owner)

+238 5801121 (Sheena: Manager and  Ray of sunshine)

We will reply to you between 9.01am and 17.02pm (outside those hours we are engaging fabulously with life).

PAYMENTS: Cash euro, escudos of gold bars (that is the Indian in me)

If there is no wind, snow, hail or rain and we cannot finish your course, we will only charge you for what you did and refund you the balance.

Thank you for your message and your application for freedom. Someone will get back to you within 24 hours. Have a fabulous day.