We are Open Please whats app us +2385801121/2389978804, to arrange for lessons, rentals, & freedom. Also ask us about our invisible virus Kite & Accommodation (village or beach side) & yoga deal.  


The safety of our students is paramount. Due to Covid-19 extra precautions will be taken with the cleaning of equipment between classes, the number of people that will be transported at any given time and ensuring that groups are kept to a maximum of 2 people to 1 instructor.  We will do the wind dance every morning, to ensure there is always enough wind to kite & windsurf, as well as to blow covid as far away as possible from your being. 

Surf Zone Kite Lesson
Surf Zone Kite Freedom Lesson
  • We have decided to truely embrace freedom. We have placed all our equipment on the first floor of our home in the village. It is set up as a school and a shop. But how it works, is you message us and we come meet you at your hotel. We have a chat, you meet us, we meet you and if we all connect, we arrange to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off after the lessons at kite beach. We prepare and bring all the material with us. So all you have to do is roll out of bed into the reception, learn to kite or surf, engage in freedom and happiness, and we do the rest. +2385801121/surfsheena@gmail.com to arrange a meeting.

  • We are also now shifting to highest quality you can get and we can give, by only offering Private lessons. 


  • If you want to learn quicker, safer, and shift to renting at a faster pace, with the full knowledge of all the safety involved, so you do not harm yourself, others, or ocean life, then one on one is the best way to go. We make less, but we are happier, you are happier and the inhabitants on the ocean thankful for not having a bunch of kiters dragging across the ocean for days and days. 


  • The only time we will offer semi private, is if there are two of you the same level.

  • Our teaching team is made up of the owner Rod (who has more than 22 years of experience), and Elcio and Ivan, who have between 6 and 13 years of teaching experience. Between them, they speak german, english, french, spanish, portuguese, Italian and creole. All your booking are done by myself, Sheena, who has managed all the surf zone schools over the last 15 years, so really a genuis. 


Why Kite Surf: Freedom & Pure Happiness

  1. No one can call you, text you, chat, nag, or email you! So you can have an enormous amount of guilt free fun.

  2. Being in the Ocean without having to wear a dry suite is fantastic, it is similar to being in the ocean naked!

  3. You will probably see turtles, flying fish and Jesus, whose statue stands in our ocean off Santa Maria Beach.

  4. The high you will get is fabulous and will not give you a hangover or lead to a divorce, this point alone makes surfing worth it!


Covid tourist info


We will still organize surf lessons, but only in the Bay of Santa Maria and when there is a wave off course. Meaning we don´t go to other locations or offer surf trips.  If you are staying in our building in front of the surf spot we can organise surf board rentals as well for you. 


I am super happy to say i have found a home for all of you. There is a windsurf school FILU SURF run by a local guy named Filu, who is located at lembje beach, the best place to windsurf. His school may not be as organized as ours was, but his heart is in the right place and he is super helpful with everything, including putting you past the beach break, when there is one. He will even windsurf with you, if he is not busy. He offers lessons and in some cases, when i can be pursaded, i can will come out of retirement and teach you at his school! Here is his whats app, but best thing is when you arrive, come to his school, tell him you came from us, and we will make you a fair deal. +2389930391.

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