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Kite Surf & Wind Surf Course Price List

  • Lessons include all the equipment and transfer from the kite school to the teaching location (please note transfer is for students only-due to laws on how many people can be transported)

  • Lessons begin at 9.11am and 13.41pm

  • Payment: Euros, escudos or gold bars (sorry, that is the Indian in me). Please pay on arrival for your lesson. If there is no wind we will refund you the difference in payment. If you cancel 24 hours before or at the time of the lesson there will be a cancellation charge, unless we are able to fill your spot. For courses we require full payment at beginning of the course to hold the spaces.

  • In order to secure a space, we require a 20euro deposit and a large smile, to pre-book prior to your arrival to the island we require a 40% deposit. We then book all the lessons with you over email and send you a voucher to bring with you. We recommend pre-booking in the main season (November to May) to guarantee a space. As we only offer private and semi-private lessons to ensure high quality lessons.

PRICES: for more information on prices please email us at


Kite rentals Prices 2019-20

Kite lessons:  2019-20 Pre-book price

  • With move on group courses, you must be able to fly the kite and relaunch the kite out of DEEP ocean water conditions. Kiting in deep water is a little different from kiting in a lagoon or shallow flat water.

  • As much as possible we try and match you with someone that is the same level as you.  So you can progress faster.

  • If it has been a few years or you have only done very little in shallow water, we recommend starting with a private lesson and then continuing with group lessons, unless we can find someone that is the same level as you or you do not mind some repetition.

  • The 2 hours is the lesson time, it does not include the transfer time, so you get a full 2 hour lesson.

Wind Surf & Surf Course Price List

Windsurf rental prices 2019-2020

Windsurf/Surf lesson prices 2019-2020

The Team

  • The Team: Surf zone is owned and staffed by surfers with a strong business acumen. As a result the school is very organized and runs like a well oiled machine. 

  • Our team is a multicultural mix of excellent wind surfers, kite surfers and surfers who have been living and surfing this island for over 15 years, some have been here all their lives. Our present team has been together for 7 years and as such offers a very friendly and personal environment. 

  • More importantly all our team members offer the highest level of instruction and assistance to all our customers, with a strong emphasis on safety. 

  • The owner of the school, Rod Smith, started Surf Zone 17years ago and was originally the first of 2 kite schools on this island. Over the years most of our Cape Verdean instructors have gone on to open their own kite schools in Sal. We believe this is a great thing. When we are full, we are happy to refer you to one of local kite schools owned by a former instructor whose quality of lessons we are happy to stand by.

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